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Few companies can boast the knowledge, trust, and experience that Valco Melton has acquired by working on special projects in coating applications. We have a skilled understanding with coating on numerous substrates including paper, foil, film, foam, and release liner, and are installed in many different industries, such as tape, labels, woodworking, laminating, automotive, nonwoven, and many paper converting applications. Our systems accommodate application widths up to 3 meters wide. Equipment can be supplied as a single coating die or a complete drop-in coating station, including a powered mounting base, back-up roll, and supply system.  Hot melt precision slot-die extrusion coating heads are manufactured using the highest grade of tool steels to ensure accurate heat distribution and stability. This offers absolute repeatability in the most demanding production environments. Precision hot melt coating dies can be manufactured from 100 millimeters to 3 meters wide for a diverse range of applications requiring micron accuracy, including tape and label manufacturing, acoustic foam or felt, and carpet backing and lamination. Slot-die coating of cold applied materials can be performed using the all-stainless steel construction range of extrusion dies, ensuring precision coating of most water-based cold applied PVA and acrylic emulsions. Typical coat weight requirements range from 10 gsm through 200 gsm plus, although lower and higher deposition are both often achievable depending upon adhesive type and substrate selection. Tolerances of plus or minus 5% of the nominal coat weight are consistently attainable. In combination with our extensive range of pumps, filters, pressure regulators, and electronic pattern controls, clean running and complete control at all speeds can be guaranteed. From design to application, Valco Melton systems are engineered to perform to your exact specifications.

We have experience with a large number of applications from over 60 years of experience in adhesive dispensing.  If you do not see the specific manufacturing application you need listed below, find out if we have the solution you are looking for by contacting us today.