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Valco Melton offers contact and non-contact gluing systems for a variety of Envelope Manufacturing applications. An array of electronic gumming systems allow companies to set up gluing patterns on an accurate touch screen control, apply the adhesive using high speed valves and inspect the gum positioning, volume and length with optical glue sensors. Proper adhesive application of the side seam gumming is a critical factor in producing envelopes of good quality. Achieve superior adhesive application with Valco Melton’s proven 400 and 524 Series Valves. Designed with the latest in high-speed Valve technology, Valco Melton’s applicators deliver high-speed performance with accurate adhesive placement and superior control of glue patterns. Valco Melton’s low-cost Compact ProductionPlus® Envelope Conversion Kits offer big performance in a small package. The system features the MCP-4C Adhesive System Pattern Control and Valco Melton’s 300 Series electric Valve with adjustable stroke feature. 

We have experience with a large number of applications from over 60 years of experience in the gluing industry.  If you do not see the manufacturing application you need listed below, find out if we have the solution you are looking for by contacting us today.