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Folding Carton

Valco Melton is a leading manufacturer of adhesive dispensing equipment and quality assurance systems for packaging confectionary goods, manufacturing beverage cartons and carriers, cosmetic boxes or personal access cartons, medicinal and pharmaceutical cartons, mailers, pocket folders, cigarette casing, restaurant boxes, auto-locking, 4 or 6 corner boxes, and other folding cartons for consumer goods. Dispensing Systems can be tailored to your specific needs with products from one of the world’s largest selections of industry standard compatible dispensing equipment, including melters, hoses, and adhesive guns, controllers, and the latest camera-based vision inspection technology or other glue-monitoring system. Gluing Systems and Vision Inspection solutions are carefully packaged for 100 percent in-line process monitoring to produce ‘The Perfect Carton’. 

If you cannot find the manufacturing solution you are looking for, contact one of our product specialists today. We will be happy to help identify the system or custom solution that is right for you.

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