Solutions By Market


Nonwoven materials are becoming widely used in hygiene product manufacturing industries such as in feminine hygiene product manufacturing, diaper and incontinence product manufacturing, as well as medical and surgical product manufacturing. 

Valco Melton’s complete non-woven system solutions and spare parts apply important market principles to produce a wide variety of patterns and widths for all hot melt adhesive applications associated with these industries. With ongoing efforts in research and development, we take our technology seriously. Each solution has been carefully designed for the high performance and extreme precision required during this delicate manufacturing process. Our equipment solutions include an extensive range of applicators for the construction of sanitary products such as baby diapers, feminine towels, tissues and other hygienic products. These products have been specifically engineered to reduce adhesive costs and improve product quality for lamination, elastic attachment and tape coating.

Multiple-pump configurations are available for complex applications. Positive-displacement gear pumps provide constant, uniform adhesive output and include variable-speed motors and drive ratios matched to each specific application. Gear pump units feature several relief valve options, ranging from the simple single-stage relief valve to sophisticated pneumatic relief systems. Piston pump units are also available. To determine which product solution is right for you, contact one of our nonwoven engineer specialists today.