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Food and Beverage packaging applications have a wide range of complexity and demands.  Whether it’s case erecting, carton sealing, high speed beverage packaging, bottle labeling or specialty applications, Valco Melton has some of the world’s best and most innovative solutions. 

Valco Melton’s focus on these applications is all about the end user’s product.  Our innovative solutions demand an improvement in the package quality, reduction of consumables such as adhesive, compressed air and parts changes.  Our goal is to make your process and production less expensive to operate, more efficient, reduce downtime and provide a true ROI that includes immediate cost reduction of your packaged product. 

Whether it’s our pneumatic packaging solutions, Melt-On Demand solutions or EcoStitch All Electric solutions, we will work with your team to create the package that works best for you and your plant requirements.  Valco Melton is a worldwide leader in Food and Beverage Packaging Innovation and an influential member of PMMI. 

Please contact us to learn more about all of our hot melt packaging solutions and our unique T&E program with the industry leading Performance Guarantee.  Learn more by contacting us today.