Glue and Fold Softening for Web Presses

Web Presses are most commonly used to run large amounts of printing magazines, books, newspapers etc. The web is continually fed through the paper folding machine at a rapid pace where the print is pressed down onto the paper. This is much faster than sheet fed presses where paper is individually placed on the printing press. With sheet-fed, you can manipulate the size and format of each individual sheet of paper, however, with web press, the paper size and format is consistent. Certain web presses can fold, cut, and perforate. Web presses have a fixed cut-off.

In glue and fold-softening processes, either water or a softening solution is added to the paper. This process remoistens the often over-dried paper to prevent the paper from becoming brittle and also prevents the paper from breaking.  By adding water or softening solution to the glue content, you prevent the adhesive from drying out between jobs; this is usually done through the process of flushing. The tubes are flushed with water or a softening solution to clean out dried glue, prevent the glue from drying out, and provide a clean and efficient printing process. 

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