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Pressure Balancing Regulator

  • Product Type:
    • Cold Glue Dispensing Equipment
    • Regulators
  • Market Category:
    • Envelope
    • Envelope | Front Gumming
    • Folding Carton
    • Folding Carton | Auto-Lock Box Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Beverage Carton and Carrier Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Carton Manufacturing for Consumer Goods
    • Folding Carton | Cigarette Case Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Mailer and Pocket Folder Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Making Cosmetic Boxes and Personal Access Cartons
    • Folding Carton | Making Four and Six Corner Boxes
    • Folding Carton | Packaging Confectionary Goods
    • Folding Carton | Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Carton Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Quick Service Restaurant Carton Manufacturing
    • Tissue Paper Pulp
    • Tissue Paper Pulp | Corewinding
    • Tissue Paper Pulp | Pick-Up and Transfer Applications
    • Tissue Paper Pulp | Tail-Tie Sealing

The Valco Melton Pressure-Balancing Glue Regulator ensures uniform adhesive application during startup and at varying line speeds by completely controlling the amount of pressure. When the machine is stopped abruptly, the piston pulls up; creating space that relieves pressure and prohibits it from building up. After an abrupt stop in production, Valco Melton’s Pressure Balancing Regulator drops the adhesive pressure back to the required start pressure, which eliminates “flooding” on machine restarts.

Product Specifications

The Valco Melton Pressure-Balancing Regulator offers:
  • 1:1,3:1 and 6:1 ratios to match glue source pump system
  • Rolling diaphragm design for frictionless movement and no losses
  • Drops pressure back to zero under emergency stop conditions
  • Eliminates costly bypass valve and plumbing
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Air-piloted with manual bypass valve
  • Stainless steel fluid section and gauge protector provide superior chemical resistance